DroneQ Aerial Services adds far-reaching automation and artificial intelligence to wind turbine inspections using drones.

DroneQ has its roots in offshore, civil sub- and upper-water construction and calamity response and has conducted inspections of oil and gas extraction installations, pipelines, cables and surface and other subsea installations with UAVs and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) for over 20 years, building knowledge and experience worldwide in destructive and non-destructive inspections, capture and reporting at all levels, from senior management to technical stakeholders. This knowledge and experience applies DroneQ with the service from a state-of-the-art DRONE OPERATION CENTER from which UAV operations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are planned, managed and executed for customers to collect valuable data and securely edit and analyze, store and share it with customers with innovative technologies and processes.

DroneQ’s drone operation is set up from an ISO structure, where DroneQ is always demonstrably in control of the drone operation. DroneQ DRONE OPERATION CENTER is designed in the field of processes and procedures in such a way that it can meet the new ISO standard 21384 for Unmanned Aerial Systems Part 3: Operational Procedures! In addition, this design makes it possible, with DroneQ’s expertise in ISO processes and procedures, to embed the DroneQ operational processes in a relatively simple way in the operational processes of customers, which means greater added value for customers. The DroneQ operational processes are integrated into a Drone Operation Management solution which allows the DroneQ Operations to be unlocked in a very fast and uniform manner for the DroneQ drone teams and clients, so that the ISO setup is not a slowing factor but rather has accelerated the service!

DroneQ is constantly looking for innovative technologies to optimize service and make it more efficient, and strives to simplify or automate the parts of the operational processes wherever it can and at the same time gradually strive for autonomy. In addition, increasing quality, repeatability and thus transparent predictability are important factors. Wonderful technologies that are not properly embedded in processes are like loose sand that makes the mechanism squeak and crack.

In the field of wind turbine inspections, DroneQ Aerial Services has joined forces with Sterblue and inspection workflows and artificial intelligence in pre-analyzing wind turbine inspections seamlessly integrated into the DroneQ operational drone processes. This not only makes DroneQ wind turbine inspections fully automated, which achieves efficiency and reduction of inspection time, uses innovative artificial intelligence to significantly increase the quality of inspections and results, but also significantly increases the predictability of the quality of wind turbine inspection services. The collaboration between DroneQ and Sterblue also includes improving the solution through intensive collaboration and knowledge sharing. So it goes far beyond just using a nice tool! Using 3D models of the wind turbines, the collection of inspection data and its analysis is prepared and carried out in a secure manner, with the integrity and security of the data at the heart of it and enabling the cooperation between DroneQ and clients to be achieved in an excellent way.

This service is suitable for both onshore wind turbines and offshore wind turbine parks at sea!

For more information: John Troch – john@droneq.nl


DroneQ Aerial Services shares its vision of the 2 EASA standard scenarios in an interview by Dronewatch

Dronewatch is committed to informing the drone community in an understandable and clear way about all the details of the new European drone rules. The EASA texts are often written in official language which does not read too easily. It is therefore good that Dronewatch gives the full overview and also clearly articulates it.

DroneQ Aerial Services is a participant in Space53 and in that context Dronewatch has requested DroneQ’s views on the first two EASA standard scenarios.

Read the article and interview here.


DroneQ Aerial Services conducts first EVLOS Drone Delivery flight on world’s largest ship: behind-the-scenes look

On Friday 22 May 2020, the pilot set up by Dutch Drone Delta, Allseas and the Port of Rotterdam Authority took place: DroneQ Aerial Services successfully delivered parts to the largest ship in the world, the ‘Pioneering Spirit’ of Allseas, with a drone. This is the first time that a drone in the Netherlands delivers a package to a ship. The aim of this pilot is to see if and how drone delivery can contribute to more efficient transport in the Port of Rotterdam. A project of Dutch Drone Delta, which focuses on exploiting opportunities for the Netherlands in the field of passenger and freight transport by air with drones (Urban Air Mobility).

Safety is paramount when carrying out this pilot and that has required intensive preparation. Not only the legal framework was an important part of this, but also flight safety itself. A comprehensive risk analysis for these specific circumstances has been carried out. Things like the environment, flying over long distances beyond the sight distance of the drone pilot and flying over water require specific risk mitigation measures. Similarly, landing a drone in a high-metal environment, potential disturbances by radar and high-power transmission equipment on board the ship was factored into the risk analysis. Permits for flying over longer distances (EVLOS=Extended Visual Line Of Sight) require detailed operational procedures and emergency procedures, deployment and location of additional observers in the drone’s flight path, a communication plan for, during and after flight has been drawn up. The permission procedure of Port of Rotterdam has also been followed, as well as a procedure for the DroneQ observer to be allowed to board the Pioneering Spirit.

DroneQ has set up an extensive development and test program regarding the delivery of the package where the drone was equipped with a so-called payload delivery system which allows the pilot to release the payload remotely. The package in which the cargo was transported has also been designed, tested and optimized to ensure that the cargo has as little impact as possible on the drone’s flight performance and the cargo is protected to the maximum. On-site testing was part of this process to obtain maximum assurance that safety during the pilot would remain within the risk acceptance frameworks. The on-site testing was successful and did not give rise to modifications, an indication that the design, construction and testing process has proved effective.

Prior to the flight, an extensive briefing was held between the 5-member DroneQ drone team, reviewing every detail of the flight from second to second, communicating and conducting extensive monitoring of the drone system, in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Drone Operations Management platform developed by AirHub. Safety is paramount at DroneQ, Dutch Drone Delta and the port of Rotterdam!

The flight itself had an extra complexity as the weather gods did not cooperate and the flight was carried out with strong winds, wind force 6 with gusts of wind force 8. The point of delivery on the Pioneering Spirit creates its own thermals, which also varies at the different flight altitudes. It had been previously determined that at 10 meters above the helideck was the go-no go moment, a decision of the pilot at that time. The drone is equipped with a large amount of sensors and at 10 meters altitude the pilot keeps the drone stationary in place (type of dynamic positioning) and after controls, with special attention to interference by the many metal that drones are naturally sensitive to, was descended to the delivery point and released the payload, the drone has taken up altitude again and returned to the base.

The project has been a success thanks to the very enjoyable cooperation and enthusiastic efforts of all parties involved! This article describes only part of all preparations and implementation and is intended to give a high-over impression of such an operation. Despite the success of the pilot, an evaluation is still being carried out to go through everything in detail and to identify and execute any action points. We’re going to get ready for phase 2 again!

Useful links:

Port of Rotterdam press release: https://www.portofrotterdam.com/en/news-and-press-releases/premier-drone-delivers-package-to-vessel-in-the-port-of-rotterdam-for-the

Space53 coverage: https://www.space53.eu/cases/60/primeur-eerste-drone-pakketlevering-op-schip-in-rotterdamse-haven/

NOS newscast: https://vimeo.com/422103502





DroneQ Aerial Services Supports Legal in the Air!


If drone pilots, both professional pilots or amateur pilots, do not understand all the risks and take that into account during the exercise of their work or hobby, this can pose a danger to people, objects, animals and all other things in our environment. It is therefore important that we deal with drones in a sensible way. Incidents are conceivable and can cause unforeseen material damage or injury to people but can also damage the social acceptance of the use of drones. Something that can have a negative impact for the commercial/professional drone pilots and companies. Social acceptance is an important factor in the development of the drone industry.

DroneQ method

Like many of the fellow drone companies, DroneQ meets all requirements laid down in law and regulations and flies under a ROC, has properly registered, approved and insured the drones, uses the procedures as laid down in the approved Operational Manual (OM) and conducts prior drone flight Risk Analyses and sets up an Operational Flight Plan in which align with the authorities and customer are recorded and approved. As stipulated in the OM, all RPA team members have at least RPA-L, valid medical examinations and are “current” in terms of knowledge and experience. Anyone who is responsible for this profession knows that this is a considerable investment in money and time to do it in this way, and the operational costs keep returning to maintain this level. Project related exceptions, such as flying beyond 500m or flying in special areas, often require additional waivers or additional training such as EVLOS and extensive flight preparation. So there is a lot of investment done by DroneQ and the fellow drone companies who conduct the same work ethics to carry out drone flights responsibly!

Safe in the air

It should come as no surprise that not everyone adheres to existing laws and regulations or common sense. That makes the current corona crisis painfully clear. No adequate oversight and enforcement of this does not disadvantage the commercial drone pilots and companies that do comply with the laws and regulations. A trend also seen by trade brothers Frank Maters and Chris Reichgelt and who decided to take the initiative to establish Legal in the Air.

“We want to create a movement that calls attention to the importance of safe, legal drone operations, a kind of disclaimer: Legal in the air.”

“Not to act as a police officer but to draw attention to the dangers and to make it clear that this is a profession that many licensed pilots have put a lot of money and time into with us. All this so that they can continue to do this legally and thus pursue their passion.”

Am I My Brothers Keeper?

We see a tendency on social media to comment on media such as Facebook and LinkedIn when posting drone images that publicly question whether the images were obtained legally, whether laws and regulations were complied with. Those who post these images in many cases feel “obliged” to publicly refute these question marks in order not to obtain a stamp of illegal work. DroneQ Aerial Services wholeheartedly supports the Legal in the Air initiative and supports for a 100% to convey the importance of responsible conduct commercial drone flights within the framework of laws and regulations. However, we do not believe that we have a whistleblower or enforcement role and we find public questioning of drone posts does not fit with our professional ethics. We rely on our own strength and qualities and have no need to criticize or publicly question others, which might give the appearance that pilots or organizations might have obtained the images illegally. After all, even in posts about company outings or other events that are not drone related, no questions are asked whether everyone has given permission for posts of that photo. The question “Am I My Brothers Keeper” should be answered by everyone for themselves and everyone is free of course, but DroneQ Aerial Services answered that question for themselves with a wholeheartedly No. Ultimately, we all are responsible for our actions ourselves.




Drone Operations specialist DroneQ Aerial Services and Airhub, specialist in laws, regulations and Drone Operation Center software enter into a partnership.

DroneQ has set up and operationalized a Drone Operation Center from an ISO structure and operational expertise, and Airhub has developed drone operation center software system based on their expertise in which operations can be planned, executed and managed. Through a partnership, these two are brought together, creating a clear added value for projects and customers. Far-reaching automation of operational drone operation processes is thus becoming repeatable and therefore more predictable, with uniform implementation of drone operations enabling organizations to be demonstrably in control. This also created the maximum preconditions for embedding drone operations in a customer’s operational processes. At the same time, it provides for a mechanism to demonstrate organizations adhere to be compliant to a framework of laws and regulations and enhancing efficiency at the same time.

About DroneQ:

DroneQ Maritime Aerial Services which focuses on high-quality land and maritime drone operations. The drone operations include industrial inspections, thermal and video inspections, Incident Response and disaster aerial support, environmental monitoring, gas detection, surveying and mapping, drone delivery and cinematography in the areas of the offshore industry, wind and solar, telecom and nature management. The goal is to collect high-quality data through drones, which helps customers make the right decisions for specific aspects of their business operations.

About Airhub:

Airhub helps customers realize the full potential of drones within the organization. By providing organizations with the right equipment, training, support, software for drone operation management and guidance on policy issues and risk analysis, Airhub can help to get from an idea on paper to the launch of the operation, with accompanying improvements, in a safe and efficient way.


More information:

Airhub – contact Stephan van Vuren: stephan@airhub.nl

DroneQ Aerial Services – contact John Troch: john@droneq.nl


DroneQ in the news: Interview with John Troch by the NHN development company

‘Surveillance at sea using drones takes flight’

The North Sea is being used more intensively by, among other things, the construction of wind farms and busier shipping traffic. More supervision is needed. The most efficient means of doing this are drones. For this reason, the Maritime Drone Initiative North Holland (MDI) was established in Den Helder in October 2019. This cluster aims to develop into the knowledge and expertise centre for the development, testing, demonstration and validation of maritime applications using drones.

Read more on the NHN website: Go to the article


Coronavirus and DroneQ service

The Coronavirus and the measures imposed by the government undeniably affect us all, both in our operations and in our personal lives. It’s hard times for a lot of people in the world and we all have to settle in, stay sensible and make the best of it.

DroneQ has set up the organization from a business continuity model, allowing DroneQ’s drone operation to continue within the framework of measures imposed. For the time being, our service is available to customers without restrictions and we can continue to perform our drone support services. Inspections, mapping, photo and film assignments and all other tasks that DroneQ performs can simply take place. Of course, in addition to the precautions imposed by the government, we also advise the customer to take specific measures to heart when carrying out the assignments. The safety and health of humans and animals remain at the top of DroneQ’s priority list!

Where possible, we will offer as many coordinations and presentations as possible via our online platform, where they need to take place personally, we will do so in good agreement. DroneQ has more than 20 years of experience in secure data collection, secure data processing and data sharing and securely collaborate online between our own teams, partners and customers!

We advise you to continue to consult the RIVM reports: Go to RIVM website


DRONEQ will continue to develop maritime applications supported by drones within the MDI

NHN is a fixed point of contact for all activities related to the development of Holland over Amsterdam. NHN focuses primarily on supporting entrepreneurs, but also on marketing Holland over Amsterdam and improving the business climate, so that new companies are attracted and incumbents can grow. One of the projects nhn has set up is the Maritime Drone Initiative (MDI).

The North Sea is increasingly used by, among other things, the construction of wind farms, sustainable energy generation at sea and busier shipping traffic. More supervision is necessary. Maritime drones are a solution for this. For this reason, the Maritime Drone Initiative North Holland (MDI) cluster was established in Den Helder. Thanks to this initiative, Dutch companies will have the opportunity to develop drones. The MDI is home to Den Helder Airport. In and around this location it is possible to conduct tests and flights and give market demonstrations. By attracting start-ups and scale-ups, MDI contributes to the ambition to make more people work, live and undertake more people in the Noordkop. Moreover, it fulfils the need to create more jobs in the field of knowledge and technology, which younger generations are attracted to.

DroneQ Maritime Aerial Services Den Helder will work within the MDI to (continue) developing civil maritime applications using drones, establishing standard scenarios to enable test and operational flights and designing and realizing a Maritime Drone Command Center (MDCC) and raising awareness of these applications for the maritime sector through events such as presentations and demonstrations. Maritime applications including drones with more than 3 1/2 hours of flight time and 100km of range will be further developed. See also our blog about the partnership with High Eye : Go to blog article

DroneQ, also a participant of the test and innovation center Space53, has also set up a Maritime Drone Center (MDC) in Den Helder. The MDC is the base for DroneQ Maritime Aerial Services which focuses on maritime drone operations, developing civilian maritime drones and developing the region in the field of support services using drones. The drone operations include industrial inspections, thermal and video inspections, maritime disaster and emergency aerial support, SAR missions, environmental monitoring, gas detection, surveying and mapping and cinematography in the field of the offshore industry, wind and solar energy, telecom and nature management.

More information: John Troch – john@droneq.nl


Drone Operations specialist DroneQ and Unmanned Helicopter Systems specialist High Eye enter into a partnership.

The individual vision and strategy of the companies concerned, the drive and passion for the field and culture within both companies have led to the creation of a future fixed partnership in order to combine expertise, experience and understand which leads to a higher quality of service for customers.

High Eye is a beautifully dynamic Dutch company that designs, builds and sells unmanned helicopters. After 6 years of hard work, this has led to an absolutely top model unmanned helicopter for military and civilian applications, the Airboxer. This long range VTOL UAV has a flight time of more than 3 hours and is all weather proof. The Airboxer is designed to be deployed for a wide range of missions, both maritime applications such as coastguard and police tasks, as well as inspections, traffic control, mapping, surveys and situation monitoring with live feed from high resolution images up to date a distance of 50 km. A robust and reliable all-rounder for the demanding user.

DroneQ is a drone operations specialist and has set up an ISO ready Drone Operation Center and Maritime Drone Command Center from which a multitude of different drone operations are prepared, performed and managed. In addition to conducting drone operations for customers, DroneQ also has the experience and expertise to design and implement this state-of-the-art Drone Operations Center in customer operational processes.

The unique combination of both companies and the specific expertises, the operational UAV processes and the unique features and qualities of the Airboxer enables the most complex and demanding drone operations for customers !

In addition to possibly carrying out missions, DroneQ Aerial Services will also offer support services such as Repair & Maintenance as a further processing, distribution and security of the data. In this way, the integral process of preparing missions up to and including delivering the relevant data can be delivered to the right persons. To deliver UAV equipment for specific projects, DroneQ base will work closely with High Eye to serve the customer optimally.

More information:

High Eye – contact Joost de Ruiter: joostderuiter@higheye.com

DroneQ Aerial Services – contact John Troch: john@droneq.nl


DroneQ is NNOW participant

To strengthen participation in enterprise cooperation in the North Of the Netherlands region, DroneQ Aerial Services has become a participant of the NNOW: Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind.

The NNOW group was founded in 2010 with the aim; “the business community in the Northern Netherlands that operates in the Offshore wind industry, or has plans in this direction, to support in its ambitions by jointly joining forces as a business community, knowledge institutions and government.”

DroneQ will carry out the activities and project related to the NNOW activities mainly from the Maritime Drone Center Den Helder. DroneQ has set up a Maritime Drone Center (MDC) in Den Helder. The MDC is the base for DroneQ Maritime Aerial Services which focuses on maritime drone operations, developing civilian maritime drones and developing the region in the field of support services using drones. The drone operations include industrial inspections, thermal and video inspections, maritime disaster and emergency aerial support, environmental monitoring, gas detection, surveying and mapping and cinematography in the field of the offshore industry, wind and wind and solar energy, telecom and nature management. With NNOW membership, we can bring our expertise within the trade association to a broader application.

More info: https://www.nnow.nl/



Today, DroneQ Aerial Services joined the trade association for the Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry: IRO!

DroneQ has its roots in the Aerial Photo and Film industry and Offshore, maritime salvage, civil under-water and calamity response and has carried out inspections of oil and gas extraction installations, pipelines, cables and more than 20 years surface and other subsea installations with UAVs and REMOTEly Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and have built up knowledge and experience worldwide in destructive and non-destructive inspections, commitment and reporting at all levels, from senior management to technical stakeholders.

DroneQ has also set up a Maritime Drone Center (MDC) in Den Helder. The MDC is the base for DroneQ Maritime Aerial Services which focuses on maritime drone operations, developing civilian maritime drones and developing the region in the field of support services using drones. The drone operations include industrial inspections, thermal and video inspections, maritime disaster and emergency aerial support, environmental monitoring, gas detection, surveying and mapping and cinematography in the field of the offshore industry, wind and wind and solar energy, telecom and nature management. With iro’s membership, we can bring our expertise within the trade association to a broader application.

See also: https://iro.nl/members/droneq-aerial-services/


DRONEQ in the Space53 ecosystem

As a participant, DroneQ has joined the Space53 ecosystem, boosting innovative clout and development and testing capabilities in a unique ecosystem that features Space53.

Space53 is a public/private partnership; one joint portal for national and international parties. Unique in Western Europe, because Space53 has an airport, a safety campus and lots of special outdoor and indoor spaces to investigate and test both large and small unmanned systems. In addition, there is close cooperation with research and educational institutions, such as the University of Twente, Saxion and ROC of Twente.

Space53 facilitates the complete innovation process of unmanned systems and makes everything necessary available:

  • Technological knowledge
  • Office spaces and technical workspaces
  • Test rooms (inside and out)
  • Training and training facilities
  • All emergency services
  • Ability to simulate lifelike situations
  • Required permits that respond optimally to current and the legislation to be developed
  • Launching customers, such as province of Overijssel, Safety Region Twente and the municipality of Enschede as a living lab for trying out smart ideas in real life

DroneQ will house its own Drone Operation Center in Space53’s uniquely converted former F16 hangar at the Technology Base at Twente Airport in Enschede. From the DroneQ Drone Operations expertise, DroneQ will work with other Space53 partners in drone operations, innovation and testing.


DroneQ launches the new DRONE OPERATION CENTER

Many requirements are placed on commercial drone operations, including obtaining the necessary permits under laws and regulations to performing risk analyses. The right organization that contributes to the safe and efficient planning and efficient planning and efficient operation of commercial drone operations are also complex and numerous. Things such as operational and emergency procedures, resource management to use the RPAS crew with the right certification, experience and skills, project management to meet customer expectations and maintain the maintenance state of it equipment must be used correctly.

To facilitate and maintain the high level of drone operations, DroneQ has set up a state-of-the-art Drone Operation Center (D-DOC) in which all these processes and procedures are optimized and made operational. The D-DOC scheduled drone operations, supports execution and facilitates customers in consolidating drone data and supports in analyzing and classifying the results of drone inspections, which include use artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning.

The DroneQ Drone Operation Center is prepared for future developments such as remote drone operations, autonomous drone operations and U-Space through a modular and universal process build-up. New technologies and changes to laws and regulations can therefore be easily implemented in D-DOC. DroneQ is working with
Drone Flight Company
(DFC) in the areas of laws and regulations and training and
, the innovation and testing center for the region and beyond.

DroneQ has a proven track record in the field of ISO and Cobit frameworks and has set up the D-DOC processes and procedures in such a way that the Drone Operation Center is in design ready for the recently introduced ISO standard “ISO 21384 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Part 3: Operational Procedures”. These underlying processes and procedures will be applied and established in such a way that DroneQ will comply with Design, Existence and Operation as intended under the ISO standard! This gives drone Operation Center customers assurance that drone operations of DroneQ are carried out by a high standard, but where a realistic pragmatism is above all else in the way drone operations are performed. Quality and customer friendliness remain at the top of what makes DroneQ a trusted and reliable business partner for their customers!