The mission of DroneQ Robotics is to help the major ports in the North Sea region, the Offshore Energy and related industries achieve climate neutrality by implementing unmanned robotics technology.

DroneQ Robotics is focused on delivering innovative unmanned robotics technology to ports, Offshore Energy and industry. AI and Data Science play an important role in this.

DroneQ Robotics offers underwater ROV services, drone inspection services and cargo delivery by drones.

For Drone Services, DroneQ Robotics uses multiple types of Inspection Drones, Indoor drones and Cargo drones with a variety of cameras and other payloads.




DroneQ Robotics Inspection Program in which specialized industrial drones are used for visual, video and lidar inspections and gas leak detection with high resolution cameras. High resolution 2D and 3D Mapping (cartography), volume and height measurements and stock measurements.

The application areas include industrial installations such as power plants, factories, offshore installations, onshore and offshore wind turbines, solar parks, pipelines and cables, telecom installations, building structures such as bridges and buildings.

Inspections for asset lifecycle management such as regular inspection programs for pre-maintenance applications can be integrated into the operational processes of customers.



Drone Delivery is the transport of goods by specialized cargo drones through a seamless integration into the logistics chain process. The character of this type of freight transport is high priority–high value freight transport to and from important destinations on land, port areas and maritime destinations such as islands, ships and offshore installations such as production platforms and offshore wind farms.

DroneQ Robotics has been working with key stakeholders in the logistics chain for over 3 years to develop processes, technology and expertise to enable long-distance freight transport. Distances up to 100km with 15kg cargo have already been made possible by DroneQ Robotics.

The use of cargo drones for these intensive logistics operations actively contributes to cost reduction, increasing efficiency and safety and contributing to climate neutrality.