Take unmanned maritime cargo transport to the next level!

Rotterdam, Southampton, 21/03/2022

DroneQ Robotics and Speeder Systems started a cooperation and collaboration aimed at trialling the deployment and exploration of M-Speeder ground effect vessels, designed to transport cargo with high speed and high flexibility in maritime environment such as ports and Offshore. M-Speeder’s primary mission is to carry cargo to offshore platforms with comparable speeds to helicopters, providing significant reduction of emission and costs while enhancing flexibility by the ability to land over water DroneQ Robotics B.V. and Speeder Systems Ltd. have formed a strategic partnership and formalized it in a Memorandum of Understanding.

DroneQ Robotics has built up a lot of expertise and experience in the field of maritime cargo delivery. DroneQ Robotics has built up significant expertise and experience in the area of Maritime cargo delivery. For quite some years DroneQ Robotics is investing in people and technology to optimize this challenging maritime logistic operations by embedding innovative and emerging technologies in the Supply Chain processes. In addition to Long Distance Cargo Drone Delivery, DroneQ Robotics now adds another new innovative technology in the quest to optimize the supply chain.

DroneQ Robotics and Speeder Systems believe in a world in which smart unmanned robot technology plays an important role in our private and business lives and contributes to a more efficient world. DroneQ Robotics and Speeder Systems believes in a world where smart unmanned robotic technology plays an important role in our private and business lives and contribute to a more efficient world. DroneQ Robotics currently deploys smart unmanned robot technology innovation and services for embedment in operational processes to help clients reduce harmful emissions, reduce risks and costs and improve efficiency and safety.

DroneQ is the responsible organisation and authority for the proper testing, validating, demonstrating and operating of the vessels in Europe and beyond. DroneQ will represent Speeder Systems as a Strategic partner within current innovation clusters.


About DroneQ Robotics B.V.

DroneQ Robotics is a driven, global next-generation Unmanned Robotics Systems Operator & Integrator based in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom Embedding unmanned robotics technology in operational processes, autonomy, artificial intelligence and data science are important factors for DroneQ Robotics operations in the air, on land, on water and under water!

DroneQ Robotics has an excellent understanding of the maritime industry and the standards our customers are working on. At the same time, DroneQ Robotics focuses on innovation and finding more efficient alternatives to conventional inspections, surveys and maintenance operations and cargo delivery. DroneQ Robotics has an extensive maritime industry network and works with a range of specialist partners to tackle complex challenges on time and within budget.

About Speeder Systems Ltd

Speeder Systems Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of Speeders that use electric VTOL technology and wing in ground effect to maximize speed and range for marine cargo while reducing costs and emissions.

The passionate core team has been working on ground effect technology since 2010 and on autonomous air systems since 2008. With a strong network in the marine and unmanned systems industries, we are bringing together operational insight with breakthrough technology to revolutionize maritime logistics for a more cost-effective, faster and cleaner future.

DroneQ Robotics and Speeder Systems are reshaping maritime cargo transport as the world knows it!