DroneQ Robotics launches global ROV Services to complement Drone Services

DroneQ Robotics is a Next generation Unmanned Vehicle System Operator & Integrator, where operational processes and autonomy are important factors for operations in the air, on land, on water and underwater! Areas of activity include unmanned aerial systems (drones), unmanned surface vessels (USV) and underwater drones (ROVs).

DroneQ has more than 20 years of maritime experience and has its roots in offshore, civil sub- and surface construction and maritime Disaster &Incident Response. Tasks carried out include support in offshore drilling activities, pipeline and cable laying activities, construction and commission activities and inspections of oil and gas extraction rigs, pipelines, cables and surface and other undersea installations with UAVs and ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles) or underwater drones.

DroneQ has built up global knowledge and experience in destructive and non-destructive inspections, registration and reporting at all levels, from senior management to technical stakeholders. DroneQ applies this knowledge and experience to state-of-the-art Drone Command Centers from which Unmanned Vehicle operations are planned, managed, operated and consolidated to transport cargo, collect valuable data for customers, securely store, edit, analyze and share with customers, using innovative technologies and processes.

DroneQ Subsea Services with ROV Operations

DroneQ Robotics, specialist in industrial drone inspections and long-range cargo drone logistics for the Offshore Energy industry, has launched DroneQ Subsea Services to compliment the Aerial Services on underwater drone or Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Subsea Services.

DroneQ Robotics uses ROV Operations for both Offshore operations as well as port and domestic ROV operations. Offshore ROV operations include inspections of wind turbines and production platforms on tubes, structures and other undersea structures, pipeline and cables. Port and domestic ROV operations include inspections of hull, screws and rudders, cathodic protection inspection, port infrastructure such as locks, quays and jetties. Domestic inspections of objects such as bridges, dams and dikes, pumping installations and other water management installations are also part of DroneQ Subsea Services.

With over 20 years of experience in the various areas of the Offshore Energy industry and a strong focus of dedicated partnerships with innovative technology partners, DroneQ is a reliable partner and able to anchor Drone and ROV Operations in customers’ operational processes, creating a very strong value-added service.

Addressing business drivers that improve the CO2 footprint, reduce costs, improve efficiency and safety challenges DroneQ to be highly innovative and versatile in the use of unmanned technology, focused on maximizing autonomy and use of artificial intelligence and other maritime emerging technologies!

DroneQ Innovation Factory

The services of both Aerial and Subsea Services as integrated DroneQ Services have the advantage that DroneQ can perform combined underwater and air inspections and use mature DroneQ processes and procedures that guarantee maximum quality of services and predictability for customers. It also allows DroneQ to share the DroneQ technology development and innovation platform and strategies. This creates measurable benefits for both technology and cost efficiency.

DroneQ participates in several leading innovation programs with leading organizations such as Maritime Emerging Technologies Innovation Park (METIP), Offshore Wind Innovation Centre (OWIC) and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with SMEs and global enterprises in the Offshore industry. DroneQ has the capabilities and organizational structure to quickly and efficiently bring new developments and innovations to daily global operations.

ROV Operations

DroneQ Drone Command Centers are built with processes and procedures that make it comply with the new ISO standard 21384 for unmanned aerial systems Part 3: Operational procedures. This provides a solid foundation where DroneQ is demonstrably in control of Drone Operations and can demonstrate compliance with laws and regulations and policies and procedures of DroneQ and its customers. ROV Operations are performed in the same way, ensuring maximum standardization and security of ROV Operations.

DroneQ has years of experience in maritime disaster and incident response, and operates according to the processes and procedures that enable fast and efficient mobilizations and deployment of both drone and ROV operations. Versatile high-tech and innovative technology, combined with crystal clear processes and highly trained, experienced and motivated staff address the many above and underwater challenges that customers can face.

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