The Korean company Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) and Development Company Noord-Holland Noord (ONHN) have entered into a partnership for research, development and innovation of maritime drones, equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, developed by Doosan Mobility Innovation.

DMI will make its fuel cell maritime drones available for testing and demonstration flights to validate and explore maritime and offshore applications. The pilots are facilitated by METIP, the Maritime Emerging Technology Innovation Program. METIP is made possible by the Region deal Maritime Cluster Kop van Noord-Holland. With this Regio Deal, the Government, the province of North Holland, the municipality of Den Helder, the partnership De Kop Werken! and other (public and private) partners to an integrated approach to strengthen the living, living and working climate in the Kop van Noord-Holland.

METIP partner DroneQ Aerial Services, is the drone operator that participates in the operation of the Doosan fuel cell drones and the execution of the various European drone projects. John Troch, co-founder of DroneQ: “The Doosan hydrogen fuel cell drones have a flight duration of 2 hours and are resistant to bad weather conditions, which makes them extremely suitable for complex maritime applications”.