DroneQ launches the new DRONE OPERATION CENTER

Many requirements are placed on commercial drone operations, including obtaining the necessary permits under laws and regulations to performing risk analyses. The right organization that contributes to the safe and efficient planning and efficient planning and efficient operation of commercial drone operations are also complex and numerous. Things such as operational and emergency procedures, resource management to use the RPAS crew with the right certification, experience and skills, project management to meet customer expectations and maintain the maintenance state of it equipment must be used correctly.

To facilitate and maintain the high level of drone operations, DroneQ has set up a state-of-the-art Drone Operation Center (D-DOC) in which all these processes and procedures are optimized and made operational. The D-DOC scheduled drone operations, supports execution and facilitates customers in consolidating drone data and supports in analyzing and classifying the results of drone inspections, which include use artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning.

The DroneQ Drone Operation Center is prepared for future developments such as remote drone operations, autonomous drone operations and U-Space through a modular and universal process build-up. New technologies and changes to laws and regulations can therefore be easily implemented in D-DOC. DroneQ is working with
Drone Flight Company
(DFC) in the areas of laws and regulations and training and
, the innovation and testing center for the region and beyond.

DroneQ has a proven track record in the field of ISO and Cobit frameworks and has set up the D-DOC processes and procedures in such a way that the Drone Operation Center is in design ready for the recently introduced ISO standard “ISO 21384 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Part 3: Operational Procedures”. These underlying processes and procedures will be applied and established in such a way that DroneQ will comply with Design, Existence and Operation as intended under the ISO standard! This gives drone Operation Center customers assurance that drone operations of DroneQ are carried out by a high standard, but where a realistic pragmatism is above all else in the way drone operations are performed. Quality and customer friendliness remain at the top of what makes DroneQ a trusted and reliable business partner for their customers!