DroneQ Aerial Services adds far-reaching automation and artificial intelligence to wind turbine inspections using drones.

DroneQ has its roots in offshore, civil sub- and upper-water construction and calamity response and has conducted inspections of oil and gas extraction installations, pipelines, cables and surface and other subsea installations with UAVs and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) for over 20 years, building knowledge and experience worldwide in destructive and non-destructive inspections, capture and reporting at all levels, from senior management to technical stakeholders. This knowledge and experience applies DroneQ with the service from a state-of-the-art DRONE OPERATION CENTER from which UAV operations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are planned, managed and executed for customers to collect valuable data and securely edit and analyze, store and share it with customers with innovative technologies and processes.

DroneQ’s drone operation is set up from an ISO structure, where DroneQ is always demonstrably in control of the drone operation. DroneQ DRONE OPERATION CENTER is designed in the field of processes and procedures in such a way that it can meet the new ISO standard 21384 for Unmanned Aerial Systems Part 3: Operational Procedures! In addition, this design makes it possible, with DroneQ’s expertise in ISO processes and procedures, to embed the DroneQ operational processes in a relatively simple way in the operational processes of customers, which means greater added value for customers. The DroneQ operational processes are integrated into a Drone Operation Management solution which allows the DroneQ Operations to be unlocked in a very fast and uniform manner for the DroneQ drone teams and clients, so that the ISO setup is not a slowing factor but rather has accelerated the service!

DroneQ is constantly looking for innovative technologies to optimize service and make it more efficient, and strives to simplify or automate the parts of the operational processes wherever it can and at the same time gradually strive for autonomy. In addition, increasing quality, repeatability and thus transparent predictability are important factors. Wonderful technologies that are not properly embedded in processes are like loose sand that makes the mechanism squeak and crack.

In the field of wind turbine inspections, DroneQ Aerial Services has joined forces with Sterblue and inspection workflows and artificial intelligence in pre-analyzing wind turbine inspections seamlessly integrated into the DroneQ operational drone processes. This not only makes DroneQ wind turbine inspections fully automated, which achieves efficiency and reduction of inspection time, uses innovative artificial intelligence to significantly increase the quality of inspections and results, but also significantly increases the predictability of the quality of wind turbine inspection services. The collaboration between DroneQ and Sterblue also includes improving the solution through intensive collaboration and knowledge sharing. So it goes far beyond just using a nice tool! Using 3D models of the wind turbines, the collection of inspection data and its analysis is prepared and carried out in a secure manner, with the integrity and security of the data at the heart of it and enabling the cooperation between DroneQ and clients to be achieved in an excellent way.

This service is suitable for both onshore wind turbines and offshore wind turbine parks at sea!

For more information: John Troch – john@droneq.nl