Today, DroneQ Aerial Services joined the trade association for the Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry: IRO!

DroneQ has its roots in the Aerial Photo and Film industry and Offshore, maritime salvage, civil under-water and calamity response and has carried out inspections of oil and gas extraction installations, pipelines, cables and more than 20 years surface and other subsea installations with UAVs and REMOTEly Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and have built up knowledge and experience worldwide in destructive and non-destructive inspections, commitment and reporting at all levels, from senior management to technical stakeholders.

DroneQ has also set up a Maritime Drone Center (MDC) in Den Helder. The MDC is the base for DroneQ Maritime Aerial Services which focuses on maritime drone operations, developing civilian maritime drones and developing the region in the field of support services using drones. The drone operations include industrial inspections, thermal and video inspections, maritime disaster and emergency aerial support, environmental monitoring, gas detection, surveying and mapping and cinematography in the field of the offshore industry, wind and wind and solar energy, telecom and nature management. With iro’s membership, we can bring our expertise within the trade association to a broader application.

See also: https://iro.nl/members/droneq-aerial-services/