DroneQ Aerial Services conducts indoor inspections of industrial boilers and storage tanks.

Indoor inspection of industrial installations such as boiler boilers from power plants and storage tanks are time-consuming, costly and complex activities. Building complex scaffolding in often hard-to-reach places is not only costly activities but also carries not to be underestimated risks, despite the high safety requirements. Often this work in combination with rope access work is carried out in environments where the air quality is poor and the light conditions leave to be desired.

The use of drones in these environments is a useful addition that can reduce the risk to people and equipment and allow inspections to be carried out faster, cheaper, safer and more efficiently. DroneQ is an expert in complex and challenging drone operations and has invested a lot of time and effort to conduct such operations in a safe and responsible manner, enabling demonstrable cost savings to be achieved. Knowledge and experience in industrial inspections and drone operations is a requirement in this. Elements that DroneQ owns and uses for these kinds of complex and challenging projects!

For a video impression of an indoor inspection of a 65m high boiler of coal-fired power station go to: www.droneq.nl/