DRONEQ in the Space53 ecosystem

As a participant, DroneQ has joined the Space53 ecosystem, boosting innovative clout and development and testing capabilities in a unique ecosystem that features Space53.

Space53 is a public/private partnership; one joint portal for national and international parties. Unique in Western Europe, because Space53 has an airport, a safety campus and lots of special outdoor and indoor spaces to investigate and test both large and small unmanned systems. In addition, there is close cooperation with research and educational institutions, such as the University of Twente, Saxion and ROC of Twente.

Space53 facilitates the complete innovation process of unmanned systems and makes everything necessary available:

  • Technological knowledge
  • Office spaces and technical workspaces
  • Test rooms (inside and out)
  • Training and training facilities
  • All emergency services
  • Ability to simulate lifelike situations
  • Required permits that respond optimally to current and the legislation to be developed
  • Launching customers, such as province of Overijssel, Safety Region Twente and the municipality of Enschede as a living lab for trying out smart ideas in real life

DroneQ will house its own Drone Operation Center in Space53’s uniquely converted former F16 hangar at the Technology Base at Twente Airport in Enschede. From the DroneQ Drone Operations expertise, DroneQ will work with other Space53 partners in drone operations, innovation and testing.