DroneQ Robotics has become a network partner of Smash! SMASH!, is the Netherlands Forum for Smart Shipping, which brings the Dutch maritime sector together to implement smart shipping and​ strengthen the Dutch international competitive position. SMASH! is an abbreviation for smart shipping: highly automated sailing at sea, in ports and on inland waterways.

Unmanned vessels, Autonomous Surface Vessels or ASVs, have a prominent role within the DroneQ Robotics Multi Technology Approach as a platform for survey and inspection work, along with ROVs and drones. DroneQ carries out ASV project ranging from inland waterways, offshore and Antarctica! DroneQ Robotics also works together with a number of parties from the Offshore Wind on innovation projects for surveying and inspecting Offshore objects with unmanned vessels.

A forum like SMASH! is important for sharing experiences and sharing common challenges and is a powerful platform to support the sector.

SMASH! is an initiative of Nederland Maritiem Land, TKI Maritiem, TKI Dinalog, Ministerie van IenW, Netherlands Maritime Technology, KVNR, EICB, gemeente Rotterdam, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Havenbedrijf Amsterdam, Groningen SeaPorts, Maritime Delta, Innovation Quarter, TU Delft and MARIN.