DroneQ Robotics is a driven global next-generation Unmanned Robotics Systems Operator & Integrator based in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. DroneQ Robotics helps Industry, Ports and Offshore Energy to achieve climate neutrality by implementing unmanned robotics technology and services.

DroneQ Robotics has its roots in the maritime salvage and in the offshore industry. Projects include more than 23 years of experience in survey, inspection and installation support of oil and gas extraction installations, FPSOs, offshore wind turbines and offshore sub stations, pipelines and cables and other subsea installations using unmanned robotics such as ASVs, ROVs, UAVs and industrial drones.

Advanced Digital Integrity Solutions (ADIS) has been developed for Industry, Ports and Offshore. This consists of the Multi Technology Approach of Advanced Autonomous Vessels (ASV), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and drones. AI, object recognition, Data Science, Data Alaytics and further developed processes and procedures are important tools that support ADIS. This supports important processes such as Asset Lifecycle Management processes and Logistics Chain processes.

In addition to reducing harmful emissions and costs, the main objectives of digitizing Asset Integrity Management are to reduce human intervention for costly decision-making, minimize human interactions in critical activities, and achieve greater asset reliability through the use of advanced automation, simulations and continuous access to real-time data.

ADIS is reshaping the industry’s approach to Surveys, Inspections and Repair & Maintenance Support by providing the ability to efficiently and effectively digitally manage the integrity of your assets!



For subsea inspection and construction work, DroneQ Robotics uses multiple types of Autonomous Surface Vessels, Inspection ROVs and Work Class ROVs with high resolution cameras, positioning systems, sonar and LIDAR systems and a variety of tools.

The DroneQ Robotics drone fleet consists of certified industrial inspection drones, rapid-intervention drones that can fly in almost any weather, specialized long-range cargo drones. These drones can be equipped with high-resolution optical and thermal cameras, lidar systems, gas leak detection systems, cartography systems and specific maritime applications.


DroneQ Robotics has integrated norms and standards in the field of information security ISO 27002, Privacy ISO 27701, Risk Management ISO 31000 and quality standards ISO 9001 in business operations and services. DRONEQ REMOTE OPERATIONS CENTER is equipped in the field of processes and procedures so that it complies with the ISO standard 21384 for Unmanned Aerial Systems Part 3: Operational Procedures!

As an Unmanned Systems Operator, DroneQ Robotics meets all the requirements of European laws and regulations in the Specific Category. DroneQ has exemptions for, among other things, BVLOS, Offshore, civil and military controlled airspace at airports, within 25 meters of contiguous buildings, works of art, industrial and port areas and railways.


Sailing and flying with unmanned systems is certainly not an end in itself. It is a means to obtain and record the information that is important to gain insight and actionable data in line with your needs, requirements and wishes.

DroneQ Robotics has a project-based yet pragmatic approach, the protection of your valuable data during the acquisition, processing, recording and sharing of that data.

The knowledge and understanding of your operational processes and specific business activities makes DroneQ Robotics a reliable and trusted partner in your daily challenges!




Watch a short video of DroneQ Robotics : Autonomous Asset Integrity Management for Ports