DroneQ has its roots in the Offshore, civil under-water and emergency response and has carried out inspections of oil and gas extraction installations, pipelines, cables and surface and other subsea installations with UAVs for more than 20 years and REMOTEly Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and there worldwide accumulated knowledge and experience in destructive and non-destructive inspections, commitment and reporting at all levels, from senior management to technical stakeholders. This knowledge and experience applies DroneQ with the service from a state-of-the-art DRONE OPERATION CENTER from which UAV operations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are planned, managed and executed for customers to collect valuable data and store, edit, analyze, and share this data with customers in a safe way.



The DroneQ UAV service supports organizations in all facets of their business processes, including ASSET LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT:


Use of drones with lidar systems for mapping vegetation, terrain and water facilities.


2D Mapping and 3D modelling areas for height differences, surface area and content measurements prior to construction and installation.


Drone high resolution aerial footage for precision monitoring of construction progress for managing scope, time schedules and construction and installation costs.


Detailed inspections in high resolution preceded the purchase to gain insight from the general state before making a bid or for validating the acceptance criteria prior in-production name.


High resolution detail inspections in the context of regular maintenance inspections, or inspections after events that may affect the overall state of objects, such as extreme weather and other events.


Drone air support for generating maps and models to support the planning of taking out a site.



DroneQ’s professional enterprise class drones can be deployed within minutes and cover large areas in a very short time, without compromising quality and thoroughness.


Enterprise class drones with high-resolution optical and thermal cameras and independent GPS systems (RTK), combined with an artificial intelligence communication and reporting platform provide a professional and innovative aerial service.


High-Tech enterprise class drones can be deployed in almost all weather conditions and situations, without compromising people or equipment without requiring comprehensive security measures and providing fast, thorough and safe inspection services.


Enterprise class drones with high-resolution optical and thermal cameras capture an inspection in detail on film and photographs, with each recording being provided with an encrypted time-stamp as proof of the integrity of the recordings.


DroneQ Aerial Services fleet consists of enterprise class drones suitable for each assignment: small and silent drones for small spaces and fast deployment, drones optimized for film and photography and heavy-duty industrial drones for any circumstance .


DroneQ Aerial Services seamlessly connect to your expectations, business and operational processes in the most flexible way, and fully complement your specific requirements and wishes.



The DroneQ fleet consists of a combination of certified fast-intervention drones with optical and thermal cameras, enterprise drones specially developed for high-quality film and photo reports and industrial drones that are weather type can fly and feature its own independent GPS navigation system with an accuracy of 1 cm and immune to interference from magnetic fields. These drones can be equipped with high-resolution optical and thermal cameras, lidar systems, cartography systems and specific agricultural applications.


DroneQ has more than 20 years of experience in all facets of Cyber Security & Data Protection. In the current era of increasingly stringent laws and regulations such as the AVG (GDPR) and the increasing cyber crime, measures to prevent data leakage are crucial. DroneQ applies this expertise and experience to encrypt the data between drone and controllers on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to protect the collection, storage, processing and sharing of data between DroneQ and the customer. Aspects such as data integrity, availability and confidentiality are monitored closely.


DroneQ Drone Operation Center provides a Social Collaboration platform that is a security digital platform for efficiently collaborating with internal teams, collaborating with external customers, safely and accessible data exchange in accordance with the policies that have been adopted and implemented for this purpose. The platform is supported by Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning that makes the collaboration innovative and highly efficient and enriches the data in an innovative way. DroneQ works through this platform with customer experts to analyze and classify the inspection outcomes and reports and images of drone inspections are unlocked to our customers via this platform.


DroneQ is fully RPA-L and DJI UTC Inspection certified and flies under the legally prescribed ROC. All DroneQ pilots are government-accredited Flight Instructors and have completed the international UTC Inspection training in addition to mandatory drone pilot certifications and EVLOS notes, have taken the exam and are certified for professional and safe inspection of industrial objects and the execution of Aerial Mapping, including 2D and 3D mapping of areas and objects. This allows to safeguard the quality of pilots and customer data with the high quality level required for the UTC Inspection certification!

DroneQ DRONE OPERATION CENTER is in the field of processes and procedures set up so that it can comply with the new ISO standard 21384 for Unmanned Aerial Systems Part 3: Operational Procedures!


Flying with drones is certainly not a goal in itself. It is a means to obtain and record those information which is important in order to obtain insight and actionable information in line with your needs, demands and wishes. The project-based yet pragmatic approach, the protection of your valuable data during the acquisition, capture and sharing of these data and the knowledge and understanding of your operational processes and specific business activities makes DroneQ a reliable and trusted partner in your daily challenges!