One of the expertise of DroneQ is Drone Logistics: drone delivery of high priority/high value goods such as medicines and medical supplies, documents, spare parts and other cargo. Hundreds of hours of designing and testing of technology, processes & procedures and people, cooperation with professional international logistic operators and trial flights over land and over sea, delivering at land-based destinations, offshore vessels and ships underway has resulted in building up significant experience and expertise. In our never ceasing commitment in pursuing for innovation in long distance drone delivery we have had extensive conversations and discussing our vision, ambition and strategy with the German based Phoenix-Wings. Conversations that have led to a conclusion that both DroneQ and Phoenix-Wings have a very similar vision concerning long distance drone delivery with significant payload and autonomy, which form the base for a mutual value-add that has resulted in a signed partnership between DroneQ and Phoenix-Wings!

DroneQ and Phoenix will collaborate in thriving to enhance technology and processes, jointly participate in projects such as Drone Logistics: Drone Delivery for Offshore Energy and many other projects to come and provide state-of-the-art drone delivery services to organisations and companies, both internationally on land and maritime! Drone Delivery Services can be deployed from Drone Command Centers which can be located at strategic locations such as Den Helder, Eemshaven, Rotterdam, Vlissingen and Enschede for instance.

Both companies engage the partnership with enthusiasm and determination to make the difference together!


DroneQ Aerial Services is a Dutch next-generation UNMANNED VEHICLE SYSTEM Operator & Integrator, where operational processes and autonomy are important factors for operations in the air, on land, on water and underwater!

DroneQ has over 20 years maritime experience and has its roots in the Offshore, civil under-water and emergency incident response. Among the very diverse tasks are drilling support, pipe- and cable laying support, construction and decommissioning of offshore installations and inspections of oil and gas production installations, pipelines, cables and surface and other subsea installations with UAVs and remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and accumulated worldwide knowledge and experience in destructive and non-destructive inspections, commitment and reporting at all levels, from senior management to technical stakeholders. DroneQ applies this knowledge and experience with the service from state-of-the-art DRONE COMMAND CENTERs from which UAS operations, Unmanned Aerial Systems, are planned, managed, operated and consolidated for customers to collect valuable data and securely store, process and exchange this data with customers with innovative technologies and processes.

Phoenix-Wings is a young German company with the goal to deploy highly automated fleets of cargo drones with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities for cargo applications. The company is working with partners worldwide to realize and operate drone services for local needs and applications.

Situated in Munich – one of Europe’s centers for future flight technologies – and backed by the parent company SF Express, Phoenix-Wings thrives on rapid development. The highly experienced team covers the complete range of unmanned aircraft design to serial production, the development of guidance, navigation and control algorithms, as well as flight testing and operation.


For more info about our offering:

DroneQ Aerial Services: John Troch – john@droneq.nl  – www.droneq.nl

Phoenix-Wings Jian Wang – jian.wang@phoenix-wings.de  –  www.phoenix-wings.de