DroneQ Robotics is a driven global next-generation Unmanned Robotics Systems Operator & Integrator based in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. DroneQ Robotics helps to achieve climate neutrality for the most important ports in the North Sea area and beyond, the Offshore Energy and related industries by implementing unmanned robotics technology.

DroneQ Robotics embeds innovation and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Autonomy and Data Science in the DroneQ Robotics Services and operational processes of customers and partners. This supports important processes such as Asset Lifecycle Management processes and Logistics Chain processes.

DroneQ Robotics has its roots in the maritime salvage and in the offshore industry. Projects include more than 23 years of experience in survey, inspections and installation support of oil and gas production platforms, FPSOs, offshore wind turbines and offshore substations, pipelines and cables and other undersea installations using unmanned robotics such as ROVs, USV, UAVs and industrial drones.

DroneQ Robotics is reshaping the approach to inspections and Repair & Maintenance support as the industry knows it! ANY JOB, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!


The DroneQ UAV service supports organizations in all facets of their business processes, including ASSET LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT:


Use of ROVs and drones with profiling sonar and lidar systems for mapping the soil condition.


2D Mapping and 3D modelling of areas for height differences, surface area and content measurements prior to construction and installation.


High resolution recordings for the precision monitoring of construction progress to manage the scope, timelines and costs of construction and installation.


Detailed inspections in high resolution preceded the purchase to gain insight from the general state before making a bid or for validating the acceptance criteria prior in-production name.


High resolution detail inspections in the context of regular maintenance inspections, or inspections after events that may affect the overall state of objects, such as extreme weather and other events.


Robotics support for generating maps and models to support site decommissioning planning.



For subsea inspection and construction work, DroneQ Robotics uses multiple types of Inspection ROVs and Work Class ROVsand USVs with high resolution cameras and sonar systems and a variety of tools. For underwater navigation, DroneQ Robotics uses precision underwater plotting, tracking and position determination systems.

The DroneQ Robotics drone fleet consists of certified long-range cargo drones, rapid-intervention drones with optical and thermal cameras, industrial inspection drones that can fly in virtually any weather type. These drones can be equipped with high-resolution optical and thermal cameras, lidar systems, gas leak detection systems, cartography systems and specific maritime applications.

DroneQ Robotics applies innovative emerging technologies such as AI and Data Science to work towards Remote and Autonomous Robotics Operations!


DroneQ Robotics has integrated norms and standards in the field of information security ISO 27002, Privacy ISO 27701, Risk Management ISO 31000 and quality standards ISO 9001 in business operations and services. DroneQ Robotics has an HSEE policy and ensures that these are strictly adhered to in all activities.

As a Drone Operator, DroneQ Robotics meets all the requirements of the European laws and regulations in the Specific Category. DroneQ has exemptions for offshore, civil and military controlled airspace at airports, within 25 meters of contiguous buildings, works of art, industrial and port areas and railways.

DRONEQ ROBOTICS OPERATIONS CENTER is set up in the field of processes and procedures so that it complies with the ISO standard 21384 for Unmanned Aerial Systems Part 3: Operational Procedures!


Flying ROVs, USVs and drones is certainly not an end in itself. It is a means to obtain and record those information which is important in order to obtain insight and actionable information in line with your needs, demands and wishes.

DroneQ Robotics has a project-based yet pragmatic approach, the protection of your valuable data during the acquisition, processing, recording and sharing of that data.

The knowledge and understanding of your operational processes and specific business activities makes DroneQ Robotics a reliable and trusted partner in your daily challenges!